High Performance Boat Service
Restorations & Conversions

With over 20 years of experience, Legacy Custom Marine is vastly skilled at performing all aspects of Custom Marine Restoration.

Are you interested in having your current boat restored? Our restoration services include: Dash and gauge upgrades, bilge painting and restoration, cabin and interior upholstery renovations, fuel tank replacement and system upgrading, fiberglass work, etc.

Are you ready to convert your race boat over to a hi-performance pleasure boat? We are here to take on that challenge! Why purchase a new boat when we can restore your current boat to like new condition?

Boat Storage

Our 6000+ sq ft hurricane-safe facility is ideal for inside boat storage. Why not store your boat with us?

We would be happy to have you as our customer. Call today for a free quote!

Dockside Service and General Boat Maintenance

Our skilled technicians are available to troubleshoot any issue. Whether you need dockside service for a quick oil change or to solve a technical problem — we are here to help.

For more complex issues, we are equipped to pickup and deliver your boat to our facility for repair in-house.

With our location in Pompano Beach, we can easily travel to Boca Raton and points north while being just half-way to Miami-Dade.

Please call for more information at (954) 816-9598.

Custom Rigging & Repowering

Our facility specializes in the Highest Quality Rigging of all types of boats. Our main niche is the ability to rig a boat with a clean, organized finished product. We pride ourselves in the quality and dependability of our work which is built to last.

If you are seeking to have a new motor package installed on your boat, then look no further. Legacy Custom Marine can complete your engine installation as well as give your bilge a makeover. Why not have your engine room look as clean and be as efficient as the new motor package you just purchased?

Boat Transport

Local and Cross-Country Transport are services we offer to all our customers (available at competitive rates). We have several vehicles available with the largest having a towing capacity of 20,000lbs.

Racing flag
Steve Lopez

After 20 years of Racing History, Steve Lopez decided to put his knowledge to work for the public and Legacy Custom Marine was born. Winning numerous World and National Titles over the years allowed Steve to perfect the tailoring and custom rigging of each and every boat – ensuring optimum performance and reliability.

Over the years, many race boat owners have had the pleasure of winning World and National Championship Titles with Steve on their team. It was his unique ability to provide them with the tools they needed to win...THE FASTEST BOAT. Of course, aside from just having the fastest boat, you also need to have a reliable boat that will make it through each and every lap allowing you to finish the race...DEPENDABILITY. After all, you can't win if you don't finish! An important yet critical combination.

Legacy Custom Marine is family owned and operated.  Steve Lopez along with his wife, Angela, and the Legacy Team are highly regarded in the industry for their reputation, integrity, and honesty.  Check us out and see for yourself!

Restoration and Re-Powering for Hi-Performance Boats
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